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If Panama isn’t on your list, it really should be. I just spent the last two weeks in paradise with UnCruise Adventures aboard the Safari Voyager as we traveled from the Pacific side of Costa Rica to the Caribbean coast of Panama, and from postcard-worthy beaches to primo birding, it was incredible. UnCruise expedition ships do not have WiFi or cable, and after three trips with them over the last two years, I’ve grown to love that. When we are not distracted by emails, social media and all kinds of programming, we can pay more attention to what’s in front of us — and create vivid memories of the moments that matter the most. After snapping a few shots of this serene spot, I spent the entire afternoon relaxing in the crystal blue water, and for a split second, I spotted a ray jumping into the air, about 150 feet from me.

We hiked, paddled and snorkeled through all kinds of pristine wilderness, but having the time to stop and soak it up is what I value the most. If you want to experience incredible places around the world on small expedition ships with a company that educates guests about the environment and local communities, I highly recommend this company. I’m proud to have partnered with them three times now on amazing journeys everywhere from Alaska to tropical archipelagos in Central America, and I'll be sharing some of my highlights on their blog in the next few weeks. In the meantime, below is a video with some of my favorite moments from the trip...

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