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I am a writer, photographer and producer based in Southern California, but my wanderlust has taken me all over the world to capture travel and environmental stories. As much as I love shooting natural wonders in far-flung places, these days I prefer road tripping through the last remaining patches of the Wild West.


My love for travel and nature shines through in my work for tourism bureaus, environmental nonprofits and publishers, and I've also worked with global brands like Adobe, Marriott and Samsung. My goal is to push my clients to invest in more purposeful projects, and I am always looking for ways to incorporate sustainability and conservation practices into my commercial work.


Whether it's writing, photography or videos, I take pride in producing a wide range of content that markets destinations and tells raw, unique stories. Landscapes, wildlife and storms are my favorite subjects to shoot, and I prefer working with natural light.


I am passionate about environmental stewardship and wildlife conservation, and I have volunteered for nonprofits in Africa, Canada and the U.S. I love hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding, and I enjoy rock climbing at a beginner level. 

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