I am a writer/photographer based in Southern California, but my wanderlust takes me all over the world to shoot landscapes, wildlife and people.


My love for travel and nature shines through in my work for tourism bureaus, digital publishers and outdoor brands, and I have used my connections to build a sizable network on social media. My goal is to push my clients to invest in more purposeful projects — and motivate our collective audiences to care more about protecting the planet.​ 


Whether it's writing, photography or videos, I take pride in being able to produce a wide range of content that not only sells ideas, but tells raw, unique stories. Landscapes, wildlife and storms are my favorite subjects to shoot, and I prefer working with natural light.

I am very passionate about wildlife conservation, and I have volunteered for nonprofits in Africa and North America. I live for an adventure, and if I'm not stuck in front of the computer writing or editing, I'm either hiking, camping or on my way to the nearest airport.

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