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In 2019 I produced a pair of short videos for Adobe Lightroom on shooting and processing extreme weather photos. The first video offers viewers an inside look at the chaos and beauty of storm chasing, while the second video focuses on tech tips and how I achieve my bold, moody, edits. Several of my storm images were featured on the Adobe blog and on the Adobe Lightroom Instagram channel to promote the project, which received several million impressions across all platforms.

In June 2017 I worked with Adobe on the marketing campaign for Lightroom Mobile, joining a team of fellow photographers and journalists in Cuba to review the latest version of the app. We shot everything from urban scenes in Havana to the lush mountains of Viñales, and we met with Adobe designers and marketing managers to give them feedback on the mobile editing software. Using social media and digital publishers as a distribution platform, we shared our images alongside tips on travel photography, smartphone edits and capturing moments on the go.

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