This week I’ve been twiddling my thumbs in eastern Colorado waiting for the storms to come back to the midwest, and while it’s been great to catch up on emails, climb and sneak in some runs, I’m chomping at the bit. After wrapping a project in Denver last month, my plan was to spend a few days in Boulder and take off for the next gig. However, Mother Nature had other plans, and the severe weather I need for my storm photography project hasn't yet arrived. And it might not arrive for another couple of days, which means I'll be "hanging out" with no plans...almost two weeks longer than I had planned.

Despite my restlessness, I've found an awesome patch of BLM land in southern Colorado to set up camp, and it's close to a decent sized town with a Starbucks (read: I can mooch off their wifi all day long and they won't kick me out). And tonight was a reminder of why throwing your plans out the window can lead to some of the most incredible moments, because you never know when you'll get hit with a full spectrum of natural wonders in the span of an evening.

I arrived at camp and popped the back of my Jeep open, and my plan was to listen to the birds, chill and have a beer as the sun dropped. While there were birds and beer, there were also multiple rainbows, mammatus clouds and pink rain making its way over me just before the sun vanished. Seeing as the thunderstorm starting throwing down big bolts of lightening half an hour after these images were taken, I was happy to experience the rest of tonight’s show from my vehicle...

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