Desert landscapes are not easy to shoot, and it's one of the reasons why I'll always embrace the challenge of capturing them with my camera.

I had been wanting to shoot a wind storm on the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes in Death Valley National Park for quite some time now, and I finally had the chance this week to do just that. Though it was an incredible sight to behold, trying to make everything come together at the right moment was both frustrating and humbling. The wind and light wasn’t quite where I wanted it, and when I wasn’t struggling to get a good composition, I was trying to protect my equipment — and my eyes! I put a thick buff around my camera and used UV filters, which I don’t normally do, but in this case I felt like sticking a cheap piece of glass over my prized Canon lenses was a good call.

Still, it was incredible to feel the power of the earth against my body, and seeing shapes and patterns emerge out of nowhere was quite the trip. I hope this captures a tiny sliver of my 48 hours in Death Valley last week.

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