• Elisabeth Brentano


Last summer I took off on an epic road trip through the western United States and Canada, which had me hitting Utah, Montana, Alberta, Washington and Oregon, and then heading back to California. I planned on spending the most time in Oregon, but just two days after arriving and getting my first taste of the Columbia River Gorge, I found myself in the hospital with a blood clot and two pulmonary embolisms. Oh, life. I was just as scared as I was mad that I was forced to bail on that trip, and I promised myself I'd return when I was ready.

After my incredible cruise to Alaska earlier this month, I flew from Juneau to Seattle and picked up a rental car. Why not make a road trip out of it before flying home to California? After all, the waterfalls would be raging, and Mount Hood had just received a fresh dusting of snow, so it seemed like Oregon was just begging me to visit. I started off in the gorge, and rather than rain and fog, I was surrounded by mist and the first rays of the day striking upper Latourell Falls. I wasn't the only person there, but I was able to have my moment with this lush landscape -- and continue on my way without a stop at the ER.

Of course, I did drop my 24-70mm and manage to break the trackpad on my laptop, so it wouldn't have been an Oregon adventure without something going awry...

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