I think Montezuma's revenge would probably be more tolerable than the nasty head cold I have right now. On second thought, I’m about to hop on a plane, so I don’t actually want that. But I’m getting pretty sick of honking my nose into a tissue and having people give me dirty looks for getting my germs all over the airport. And let’s be honest — that’s exactly what’s happening. I’m covering my face and sanitizing my hands, but I’m sure someone is going to get sick because of me. And I feel bad about that. Oh, and did I mention that I have a 7 hour layover in Houston too? Yay travel! Ok, ok. I’m done being a whiny and sarcastic brat. My trip to Nicaragua was amazing and even though I didn’t take very many photos, I had a blast. Still, I have plenty of time on my hands and an internet connection sooo…here are some random thoughts I’ve had today:

There is a special place in hell for women who leave pee on toilet seats.

It’s your pee. It came out of your body. Please wipe it off the seat before you flush, because I certainly don’t want to. Someone at the George Bush International Airport in Houston made the wrong move today and I almost plunked my butt down on their pee splashes. Gross.

We finally have a shark emoji!

This is awesome. I also like the design on the new wave emoji and a few others. But where did the fox emoji go?! And why does the wolf look like some sort of a snarly rat terrier? Ugh. Sometimes software updates are a step back.

I want a pair of Birkenstocks…

Airports are a great place for people watching, and of course analyzing outfits. Some people DGAF, and others kinda care, but still want to be comfortable. So enter slip-on sandals that you can schlep around in -- and pair with a cute sundress. I know they’ve been popular (well, re-popularized) for about a year now, but I remember when they made a comeback 20 years ago (and yes, I had a pair then), so it always fascinates me when brands have a resurgence like this. And yes, I’ll be getting a pair because I’m running out of flip flops and I want to be one of the cool kids again.

Travel encounters are 75% awesome

Sometimes you run into people who, within 2 minutes of meeting them, bust out a bible and tell you that God’s name is Jehovah, and that you need to listen to everything they say, because they have the answer to ALL of your questions. This happened a few days ago, and while I was very polite to the woman, I inwardly groaned and wondered if I should tell her that I had explosive diarrhea — and ask her to pray that I didn’t clog the fragile Nicaraguan toilet at the cafe. However, sitting at the airport today I had a number of single serving friends and they were all awesome. There was a woman who looked like a conservative 50something southern belle but had Sia on her Spotify playlist, and a daddy/daughter duo who were amped about outdoor adventures this spring. And then there was the couple who, a few years after getting married decided to take a year off to travel — and never went home. They were en route to Patagonia to go fishing, and they’ve been doing these sorts of adventures for decades. They didn’t have children, and they were ok with that. We all swapped stories, and I found myself growing animated when I talked about my own adventures. I wanted suggestions from my new friends about places to go, and vice versa. Sure, travel can be confusing and pull you far beyond your comfort zone, but where else do you meet these kinds of people?

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