Sticky and sweet all at the same time. Your face will be shiny and you’ll probably smell pretty ripe by the end of the day, but it’s all part of the experience. I felt the same way about the weather in Costa Rica, and even though I was dripping with perspiration every single day, I believe that the feeling of a country’s climate is just as important a memory as scenery and tastes.


On the clothes, the cathedrals, fences in the park and the pottery, to name a few things. As someone who almost exclusively wears black and white, even I felt compelled to leave with a few colorful souvenirs.


But these are the kind of wind gusts that cool your sweat — and cause palm trees to rustle in a musical manner. You learn not to wear short, flowy dresses, and to embrace the strands of lose hair that blow all over the place.


There are active volcanoes here, which is both awesome and terrifying. I went to the rim of the Santiago Crater and stood there long enough that I actually had some trouble breathing thanks to the gasses and ash blowing everywhere. Two days later, I was still cleaning dust out of my ears. There are lush green patches all over this gorgeous country, lagoons and beaches, so as far as landscapes, the only thing missing is snow.


I feel very welcome here, probably more so than any other country I’ve ever visited. Also, if you speak Spanish (or try to), the locals appreciate that — and they're more than happy to help you conjugate irregular verbs that you probably haven't used since high school. The younger generation is especially keen on practicing their English with you, and when they tell you to come visit them sometime, I’m pretty sure they truly mean it.

So…who wants to go back with me?

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