The road to the top of Crater Lake has been closed since the 24th, so I slept in the last two days. When the weather is crap and I’m all caught up on work, sleep in is the absolute best gift I can give myself.

I stumbled across this frosty spot along the Wood River in Fort Klamath around 10:30am yesterday, but I wasn’t happy with my photos, so I went back to shoot it again around 9am this morning. When I have the luxury of re-shooting a location, I always take it. The light is different, you may notice something new, and half of the time you’ll get a better shot. The sun was poking through the branches of a giant pine tree, but it wasn’t glaring on the water like it had the previous morning. And the frost! It was decent the day before, but it seemed like everything was coated with another centimeter of ice crystals this morning. 3 degrees Fahrenheit never felt so good…

In my rush to set up, I somehow managed to smash my right index finger in the back door of my Jeep. I felt it crunch and the noisy ducks on the river definitely heard me drop a few f-bombs, but I was so excited to catch the epic light in front of me, I didn’t even care. My finger is now purple and green and I can’t bend it, but I think it was a totally fair trade. Probably one of my favorite shots from the trip so far.

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