This cabin doesn’t have wifi, and my cell signal picks up texts about once every three hours if I’m lucky. I’m sure my phone would work in an emergency, but I can breathe and I have wine, 3 gallons of water and snacks, so I’m pretty sure I’m all set for the rest of the week. I have enough warm clothes in general, but I don’t have enough warm clothes for all the days I’m here, so my Lulus are getting crotch-washed in the sink and dried over the stove as we speak. I’m a classy gal, I know. But don’t knock the hotel sink crotch wash ’til you’ve tried it. It’s one of the biggest secrets to packing light, and I’m positive my hand wash is far more thorough than the shared washing machine I used back when I had my pricey WeHo loft. Anyway, there’s no point in checking social media because the spinning wheel on my phone goes on for what seems like an eternity, so here I am, with just my brain, my computer and my soggy spandex hanging on a peg on the wall.

If I’m being completely honest, I should do this more often. I could very easily finish the book I’ve been wanting to finish for the last two years, and earlier today I was able to whittle down a set of 600 photos to 200 with 12 fully-edited selects. In an hour. I love my friends, but they’re a major distraction. If I didn’t have any friends and I wasn’t so boy crazy, I’d probably have won a Pulitzer and been published in Nat Geo by now. Well, maybe that's being rather ambitious, but a girl can dream. And then if I fell off a cornice in Crater Lake this weekend and died, I’d truly feel as though I had accomplished everything I wanted. I may whine about how much I hate people (it’s mostly the meeting them part), I like MY people — and staying in touch with them. That’s probably the most normal thing about me.

I can tell myself that I’m going to go phone free for the day (or seriously limit how often I look at my phone), but it never works. I’ve gotten to the point now where I’ll get on my phone, auto pilot myself to Instagram or Facebook, and then click the off button on my phone when I’m done. But then I realize that I actually had to check something on a different app, and I literally got distracted from that by another app on my phone. What planet am I even on that this is a reality? I’d love to get as far away from this as possible.

I won’t give up my phone, but I can commit to doing more trips like this, where I only allow myself to have an hour of wifi a day, or better yet, none. I DID have some work to wrap up today so the internet was necessary, but I’m done now. Being off the grid never felt so good.

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