Photo by Callum Snape

Photo by Callum Snape

I slept in until 9am, and after getting yelled at last night for not being fully naked in an onsen (um, long story...saving it for another day), I felt like a whole new woman when I woke up this morning.

I turned 33 today. That seems kinda old, especially for someone who is single and has no home, pets or kids, but I'm just rolling with it. This will probably be my year, right? Actually, this trip has convinced me that it could be. You never know what's out there until you go. Maybe you have to go far -- farther than you'd like -- but there are all sorts of amazing things beyond the walls that you might call home. And you certainly can't sit on your ass and expect to find them.

Yesterday we drove from Fuji to Tokyo, and in our city wanderings last night, we stumbled into an amazing restaurant where we cooked thin pieces of wagyu beef on a gas grill inside our table. We checked out of the Prince Gallery this morning and noshed on all kinds of ridiculously yummy treats in the lounge, and thus began my 40-hour day, which would essentially have me traveling back in time from Tokyo to Los Angeles.

I was exhausted when I landed at noon today (uh, weird, because I technically left at 6pm today), but I was also too excited to sleep. This was MY day. My, I-can do-whatever-the-fuck-I-want-with-no-one-to-tell-me-no day. After getting the keys to my friend's apartment, I got a massage. Then I napped. I didn't even touch my computer. Little workaholic me was surprisingly OK with that. And then we went out for Italian food, ate apple pie, drank a bunch of wine and watched TV. Outlander, if you'd really like to know, because it's cheesy, awesome, dramatic and perfect. Happy birthday to me.

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