I’m hungry, stinky and I really need to pee. I’ve actually had to pee for several hours now, but it was so windy and cold last night I didn’t feel like getting out of my Jeep, so here we are. 8am and I feel like my bladder is going to burst. When the weather is like this, sleeping in my car is a no brainer, but not having easy access to a toilet kills me sometimes.

Flash forward a few hours. After eating, relieving myself and getting some wifi, I took a shower that was so cold I almost cried. When you pay for a campsite and the water temperature in the communal bathroom is so frigid makes your scalp hurt, it's really not the best way to start your day. But I'm clean now, and blasting the heat in my car has cheered me up considerably. A few minutes of misery is certainly better than being stinky all day...

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