Some local acquaintances in Reykjavik invited us over for dinner last night, and they also helped us map out where we should go during our week on the ring road. From the hospitality to the passion in their voices when they spoke of their country, they were some the of nicest, most genuine people I've ever met. We finished up the meal with some skyr (and there began my obsession with the delicious dairy product), said our goodbyes and drove to a campsite just outside of the city. 30 minutes later, the wind was shaking our van so violently it was impossible to sleep, and for a few seconds I was actually scared. As I shivered in my sleeping bag, I wondered if it was possible for our van to blow over. As it turns out, probably...

In the morning we grabbed coffee, groceries, gas and started the journey to Kirkjufell. Due to the wild wind and slippery roads, our travel time was doubled, and various stops along the way almost tripled the two hours we thought it would take us to get there. We saw waterfalls blowing straight UP in the the air, and it was during this time we dubbed our vehicle the "sailbus." We didn't get to Kirkjufell until 5pm, but that was fine, because I was dying to catch a sunset there. I told my friends if there was one spot we absolutely had to visit on this trip, it was this one. "This is what comes up when you Google Iceland," I told them. Of course, we drove right past it, and it wasn't until we got a view of the mountain a mile down the road that we realized our mistake and turned around.

After walking on a dirt path past some very inquisitive Icelandic horses, I finally saw the view I've been wanting to see for years. It was just like all the pictures...but with a dusting of glitter and powdered sugar. It was so stunning I didn't even care about the fact that the snot dripping from my nose was practically freezing onto my face. Anyway, there were a few other photographers there, but none of them were wearing micro spikes and they were hesitant to get near the edge of the icy hill next to the upper falls. Can't say I blame them, but I wanted to get closer. I inched out to the point where I no longer saw footprints and set up my tripod. It was one of those spots where you almost forget to move around and look for other compositions. I mean, there can't possibly be one better than this, right?

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