Yesterday I had to work, so I missed out an an epic sunrise hike with the crew. I did wake up at 4am to send them off, but I immediately went back to bed. And when I say bed, I mean the 4" air pad and sleeping bag combo in the back of my Jeep. While I was banging away on my keyboard later that morning, I wondered what they were seeing. Fluffy pink clouds? Grizzly bears? When I saw the photos a few hours later, I wanted to kick myself. There was no way I could have done the hike and gotten online in time, so I knew I had to just let it go.

However, one thing I can't let go of is the fact that my upper body is currently covered in dozens of itchy, red bumps. They look suspiciously like flea bites, and I'm very worried that something got into my camp gear, which means that there is the possibility that I have to clean everything in my car. I have ten covering the skin on my left elbow, and per my last count, I have over 85 different bites from my navel to my shoulders. I've gone through a quarter of a tube of Benadryl cream in the last 24 hours, and I still can't figure out what's new and what might be old. As my shrink used to say, more will be revealed.

The current routine is sleeping in the overflow parking lot and cruising down the road a few miles to get wifi and showers at a local hostel. Our group orders a few meals each day from the hostel's cafe, so I don't think management really minds. Aside from the amount of time I've spent itching myself, life is pretty good right now. We're just trying to figure out where to hike/shoot later today and tomorrow...

UPDATE! We've decided to drive to Jasper National Park and kayak across Maligne Lake to Spirit Island tonight. We cant camp there, but seeing as it's 14km one way, it will take us a while to get to the place we want to shoot sunrise. Looks like we'll be pulling an all nighter tonight -- and I couldn't be happier about it.

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