I failed to re-create the magic I previously experienced in this exact spot. But maybe that's the way it's supposed to be.

Lake McDonald is a place I can't get enough of, and I make it a priority to visit the southern shore every time I come to Glacier. From a naked romp with a crush to thinking I was going to get eaten by a bear one morning, I have a deep history with this place. The first time I came here I was greeted by a very inquisitive river otter, and the following day I snapped the two shots in this post. Probably my favorite shots of the lake, if we're being honest. The water was as smooth as glass, and the light was so perfect I could see almost every single multicolored pebble in front of me. When I came back this June, it wasn't the same, but I was able to reminisce. It was nice.

This morning I got up before the rest of the world and parked my car by the shore, but I didn't even bother setting up my tripod. There was a little bit of chop on the water, and I knew the wisps of clouds on the horizon weren't going to catch any color. There was no way this was going to top my first time here. It was frustrating because I really wanted to re-shoot this place, but also nice to know that I could relax and enjoy it with my own two eyeballs, rather than one eye squinting through a viewfinder, hoping that I had every setting on my camera right.

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