This morning I shot sunrise somewhere along Lake Mary, and it was totally meh. Maybe I can work some Lightroom wizardry on the few shots I did snap, but it definitely wasn't worth the 5:30am wakeup call. After trying one spot and then another, I pulled up at a roadside turnout where a few other photographers were camped out, but that gorgeous, glowy light never happened. Well, on that side of the mountains, anyway. I'm sure someone somewhere got something amazing that morning.

I find Glacier difficult to shoot and a bit unpredictable, and most of the banger shots I've gotten from this park were purely by accident. As frustrated as I get, I also like the challenge -- and revel in the moments that catch me by surprise. It's especially enjoyable when you get to experience these natural wonders with your friends. I know where some of my favorite places are, but stumbling across new ones is just as amazing, and that's exactly what happened this afternoon.

Our squad (currently Christian Schaffer, Michael Matti, Renee Hahnel and Matthew Hahnel -- come back to us, Ty Schmitt!) did the relatively easy 4-mile hike out to Avalanche Lake a few hours ago, and after getting our fill of the aqua water above, it started pouring. We were warm and sweaty so the temperature wasn't really the issue, but we were all rocking rain covers on our camera bags and feeling mighty soggy. Moist. I hate the word moist, but if you could have taken photo of the pieces of hair sticking to my forehead, that would be the word that most accurately described my look.

Still, I was enjoying the cold air and the sound of the raindrops on my hood, and as soon as we got to the lake, I had a full-on freakout. There was a double rainbow shooting straight out of the waterfalls, and it was probably one of the top three most vibrant displays of color I've ever seen. Sometimes days don't start out the way you want them to, but if they end like this, I'm totally fine with that.

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