I went on a quick nature walk with the folks I'll be traveling with for the next few weeks, and it was great. We all feel better about strength in numbers given the bear situation here, as there have been a number of sketchy incidents lately.

When I did the 26-mile out and back to Glenns Lake last June, I ran into a large male bear on the trail, and when I was on the Gunsight Lake trail with two friends a few days before that, we saw so much bear scat we were 100% convinced that we'd see one. As it turns out, last month, a group of four hikers got bluff charged by a grizzly on their way to Gunsight, and they had to deploy their bear spray to scare the animal away. I'm fairly certain I would either piss in my pants or spray myself in the face with the bear mace if that happened, so it feels good to know everyone around me is on the same page.

We shot sunset in a field of fireweed and grass just off the road tonight, and though it's a spot I've photographed a total of three times now, it never loses its magic for me...

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