On Saturday night I split a nice hotel in SLC with friend, knowing full well this was going to be the last comfortable bed I’d have for weeks. We went our separate ways on Sunday, but we’ll be meeting up tomorrow with several more pals to explore Glacier National Park (pictured here, from my June trip). I chose to stay in SLC an extra night to wrap up some work, and seeing as the weather looked pretty dumpy up north, I knew I wasn’t going to be missing out on anything. I dropped $64 a motel on the eastern edge of SLC, right next to the railroad tracks. In hindsight, spending an extra $25 on a nicer room would have been a better idea.

I woke up around 7:45am this morning, and my room smelled like hookah and farts. I don’t smoke hookah, but I did have tacos last night. Still, I know I’m not entirely to blame for this. The mattress was so thin and springy, when I actually did fart, it made a crazy echo through the whole bed frame. I found this pretty amusing. I ate some the best tacos of my life last night with a spoon while I slaved away on blog post after blog post, and when I finally finished, I felt victorious. Free at last. Well, mostly. The only work I need to do for the next month will be 4-6 hours a day on weekends, and the rest of the time I can do whatever I want. Next month it will be the same schedule, with a few extra days of blogging here and there. I am making money, not as much as I used to, but enough that I can support myself, eat nice meals if I want, spend $100 on a pair of spandex if I want, and stay in a hotel a few nights a week if I want. I just don’t have a home, which I have mixed feelings about.

I never thought I'd be doing something like this, but I'm excited about it. My only worry is the I'll love it so much I'll never want to return to a "normal" life. And then what? Live out of my car forever? I still haven't figured out where I want to live when this wild and crazy adventure ends. Maybe it never will.

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