When my friends and I landed in Iceland last week, I saw a blizzard brewing beyond the airport doors and actually questioned why we were here. And I was the one who suggested visiting during the winter, so if this trip was a complete disaster, it was my ass on the line.

Well, if mistakes are defined as actions or judgements that are "misguided and wrong," this trip was anything but that. Navigating a front wheel drive van through gale force winds wasn't easy and there were a handful of hikes we missed, but we learned to adapt. For every moment of frustration, there were at least two things that completely made up for it -- and then some.

So, the only "misguided" decision I made was booking a round trip ticket, because that's how hard I've fallen for this country. I felt some serious pangs of sadness when I departed from New Zealand earlier this year, but hopping on a plane and leaving Iceland tomorrow seems like a mistake. I still have so much to see, and if I could pack up my duffel and live here for a year, I would do it in a heartbeat. Maybe I should look into this...

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