September 23, 2015


While most people would be ready for the beach and a cocktail after cruising around in a helicopter for a few hours, we were more interested in getting up close and personal with yet another waterfall. So off to ATV Outfitters we went, where we hopped on a few four wheelers and zipped through the rain forest.


The ATVs were surprisingly easy to drive and our guides were amazing. We stopped for a few spectacular views of the coast, and one of our final stops brought us to a 50-foot waterfall. A two-minute hike straight down a dirt path brought us to the pool at the base of the falls, and I'm happy to report that there were hardly any insects down there. After that we rode back though a guava farm, and yes, you could smell the sweet and tangy fruit every time you inhaled.


After returning to the hotel, we had some time to relax before our group dinner at the Hilton’s Kamuela Provision Company. The restaurant is perfectly positioned to catch sunset on the water, and if the view isn’t enough of a selling point, the food certainly will be. Our group shared a number of appetizers (poke, pork belly and an incredible mix of quinoa, mushrooms, artichoke and parmesan cheese), and they were all amazing. I absolutely loved my main course of sesame seared ahi, but those who ordered the steamed monchong couldn’t stop raving about it. The wine list was impressive, as was the fact that our waiter had the entire menu memorized. I'll be sleeping well tonight...

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