I recently spent a night in LA with one of my closest friends, who has an adorable and highly intelligent 4-year-old. I've been around this kid since he was an infant, and he's always been just as verbal as he is inquisitive, so it's no surprise that his first phrase was, "What's that?"

I’m a horse lover — and I also consider myself to be a conservationist. But when you examine the current controversy surrounding wild horses in the western U.S., there isn’t as much overlap as you’d think. The more radical management proposals, like culling and slaughter, are pissing off animal rights activists, and while everyone is busy arguing about what’s best for these animals, their numbers continue to explode.

If Panama isn’t on your list, it really should be. I just spent the last two weeks in paradise with UnCruise Adventures aboard the Safari Voyager as we traveled from the Pacific side of Costa Rica to the Caribbean coast of Panama, and from postcard-worthy beaches to primo birding, it was incredible. UnCruise expedition ships do not have WiFi or cable, and after three trips with them over the last two years, I’ve grown to love that. When w...

Today is World Lion Day, and it’s great to see some of the discussions taking place on social media and on the web. While education and starting a dialogue is a great first step, we need to go beyond that if we actually want to make a difference. Big cats have always had a huge place in my heart, and earlier this year I was fortunate enough to spend a month in Namibia and South Africa shooting a documentary with Matador Network. The film...

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