Earlier this year I was approached by Smartling Inc., a language tech startup, to produce a photo series on some of the translators they work with all over the world. The idea behind the project was simple: if we could put a spotlight on the human element, which is so often overlooked in the digital age, perhaps we could realize how words with meaning come to life. From the rural state of Asturias, Spain to the bustling city of Sao Paulo,...

Digital photography allows us to be perfect, whether it’s the landscapes we see or the smiles we flash for the camera. There's always more space on a memory card, or the possibility to fix something on the computer. This summer I spent a few weeks capturing moments from the road on instant film, and it put me in an entirely different artistic mode. I snapped photos of real, raw, poorly-lit, boring and sometimes beautiful flashes in ti...

With the exception of the magically-lit sand dune pictured above, I initially wasn’t happy with anything I shot in northern Chile last month. Not because I knew the photos might not resonate with my audience on social media, but because I was disappointed with the quality. While scrolling through my Lightroom catalog, all I could see was bright daylight, cloudless skies and one infuriatingly blurry Andean fox. I was in the country for mor...

Do we really care about the animals we claim to love? Or are we simply after a shot that will wow our friends on social media? As some of you know, I posted a brief rant on Instagram story last month about a handful of people in Grand Teton National Park getting dangerously close to a mother grizzly bear (Bear #793, aka “Blondie”) and her two young cubs.

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