I recently spent a night in LA with one of my closest friends, who has an adorable and highly intelligent 4-year-old. I've been around this kid since he was an infant, and he's always been just as verbal as he is inquisitive, so it's no surprise that his first phrase was, "What's that?"

Yesterday a blogger emailed me and asked if I’d like to contribute to an article about “the most popular destinations for storm chasers.” I contemplated replying with, “Texas Roadhouse,” but only about ten people would get that joke, so I refrained.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, so when my parents made the shocking decision to move to California in the middle of my freshman year of high school, I was heartbroken. But flash forward three years, and I was so stoked on the west coast, I didn't even bother applying to colleges outside of the golden state. I only traveled back east once in the last two decades, and I had no immediate plans to return. All of my friends and fa...

I saw my first tornado in 2016, and it was easily one of the most intense moments I've ever experienced in nature. From the force of the wind to the smell of the rain (not to mention the hypnotic movement of the grass and clouds), spring storms in the midwest are truly their own special kind of landscape. This June I had the opportunity to join my friend and fellow photographer, Kelly DeLay, for a few days of chasing in between proje...

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